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My dog Ben
Thought he was a hen

He wasn’t very tough
'Cos instead of saying woof

He would sit upon the loo
Crying cock-a-doodle-do

The PS4K Blinkabugs - Ben the dog says 'Cock-a-doodle-wuff-wuff-doo' - 'My Dog Ben' kids poem

And he really was a pest
When the loo he made a nest

So I had to make him stop
But just then I heard two plops

Not believing what I saw
Bottom jaw fell to the floor

My dog Ben
Maybe really was a hen

'Cos floating in the bog
Not a curly doggy log

Ben's toilet nest with two eggs in it - 'My Dog Ben' kids poem

But beneath his hairy legs
Lay two brown and speckled eggs

©2009 Mark C Bird

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